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Having a great LinkedIn profile is probably the single best strategy to maintain a career, or business reputation.

Current LinkedIn Hint

Here are some things NOT to do, watch out. When I saw the section heading: "Don't Overshare on LinkedIn" I was expecting a LinkedIn != Facebook discussion (for non software people, "!=" can be read as "not equal"). Instead, there was a reminder to turn off notifications to your network when making routine edits to your profile. Few in numberi 7 mistakes, this article has value.

So here is the link:
7 common mistakes job seekers make on LinkedIn

Hint, Week of January 3, 2016

Here is a rather quirky article published by Forbes that I find interesting. First there are 22 recomendations, that's a lot! Usually you see something like Seven essential stategies for LinkedIn or something like that, a single digit, usually odd number. It also has advice in the form "Be something."

So here is the link:
22 LinkedIn Secrets LinkedIn won't tell you.

This next blog has 35 tips, but not all of them will apply to every professional, and I'm not sure some are that high on my list of priorities, but some are quite reasonable too. If you are in a marketing field, many more will apply.

How to Use LinkedIn: 35 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing

Week of October 15, 2012:

HINT: Build your network: Review your collection of business cards - have you invited those you know and wish to connect with into your LinkedIn network? Remember to customize your invitation so your recipient will remember you, and agree to link with you.

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